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Sticker - Go Vegan

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At the current pace, animal agriculture is on track to become the leading driver of human-induced climate change by 2050, resulting in deforestation, water depletion/pollution, biodiversity loss, species extinction, world hunger, and more. Raising livestock for meat and dairy products generates 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions — carbon dioxide, methane (20x stronger than C02 at trapping heat), and nitrous oxide (300x worse). To provide a sense of scale, Rhodium Group, a data and global trend analyzer, reported that if the world's cows were a country, it would rank as the world’s sixth-largest emitter of methane, ahead of Brazil, Japan, and Germany. By eating climate-friendly you support a sustainable and fair food production system. If everyone omitted meat/dairy just 3 times per week, the reduced greenhouse gas emissions would equal having 1/6 fewer cars. Individuals can also buy local and support regenerative agriculture, which focuses on restoring soils that have been degraded by the industrial system. Animals are not meat!

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