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Poster - Early Warning Signs of Fascism

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Early Warning Signs Of Fascism

Laurence W. Britt wrote about the common signs of fascism in April, 2003, after researching seven fascist regimes: Hitler's Nazi Germany; Mussolini's Italy; Franco's Spain; Salazar's Portugal; Papadopoulos' Greece; Pinochet's Chile; Suharto's Indonesia. Get involved!

Text: Early Warning Signs of Fascism Powerful and Continuing Nationalism Disdain For Human Rights Identification of Enemies As a unifying cause Supremacy of the military Rampant Sexism Controlled Mass Media Obsession With National Security Religion and Government Intertwined Corporate Power Protected Labor Power Suppressed Disdain For Intellectuals & and the Arts Obsession With Crime & Punishment Rampant Cronyism & Corruption Fraudulent Elections



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