Why Buy Organic Cotton?

About Our T-shirts
We are committed to organic cotton and fair and equitable labor practices.

TOP 10 REASONS To Buy Organic Cotton!

  1. Conventionally grown cotton is the world’s “dirtiest” crop.
  2. 16% of the world’s pesticides are used on cotton.
  3. Pesticides contaminate drinking water and harm wildlife.
  4. Most conventional cotton is now grown in developing countries where environmental and worker protections are minimal.
  5. The EPA has labeled many cotton pesticides as probable or known carcinogens.
  6. Adverse health affects on workers include: birth defects, long-term memory loss, nervous and immune system problems.
  7. The World Health Organization (WHO) says 20,000 farmers die each year from pesticide spraying.
  8. Fish and Wildlife Service reports millions of bees, birds and fish killed annually.
  9. Most conventional cot-ton is now genetically modified which means your purchase may support Monsanto.
  10. Conventional cotton is NOT “natural.”

Why Sweatshop-Free?
Our US sewn shirts are made by companies with fair labor practices paying fair wages. When garments are made overseas, our vendors require documentation (and verification through inspection) that workplace conditions are safe. The horrendous deaths of Bangladesh garment workers (4/24/13) show the importance of sweatshop-free production.