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Every Day Special!

When you buy 8+ of a single design get another FREE! (Accordion posters not included.)

Selling Syracuse Cultural Workers Beautiful and Inspiring Posters is easier than you might think.

Ideas to merchandise our Posters in your store, co-op, gift shop, café… Our posters add a dynamic visual quality, complement books, cards, clothing, food or other products, and, at a 50-65% discount, provide sideline profitability. Syracuse Cultural Workers is the largest publisher and distributor of progressive posters in the United States, with over 200 posters in stock. On our website you can find posters by theme, by artist, or by size! Our Top 10 Best-selling Posters are always listed in “wholesale” on our website. Our accordion posters are all best sellers ­– Greetings & Thanks, Welcome (3 formats) and Measure Me! are compact and merchandise on a pegboard, rack or shelf. They are hole-punched, barcoded and sell best when one is open for display. There are many ways to successfully merchandise our standard posters. Our favorites include:

1. Decorate

Most stores and co-ops have unused wall space. Posters can provide unique visual appeal in these spaces. Next to the poster, place a wall card with the price and a number corresponding to the rolled posters in your storage area. You can also store posters flat in a numbered portfolio. The sales associate can roll with a rubberband, plastic sleeve or provide a cardboard tube ($2) if customer wishes to ship it. The display poster can be loose, laminated or framed. Framed posters are the most expensive but if you order 10+ of one design, you get a 20% discount on a framed version. Our every day special of one free poster when you order 8+ of the same design gives you one to display. (Accordions not included in this offer.)

2. FREE Attractive Displays

Our black cardboard displays hold 17 rolled posters, with five different designs shown full color on the top. You pick the posters and we’ll do the artwork. We recommend a sort from our Top 10 Bestsellers. You can also choose a theme: Women, Environment, Civil Rights, How To’s, Children’s, Peace, etc. Free Display Available In Two Sizes: 12” wide posters – for $200 in purchased posters (excluding accordion posters), 18"h x 15"w x 8"d 18” wide posters – for $250 in purchased posters (excluding accordion posters), 24"h x 15"w x 8"d Displays come assembled. Posters shipped flat with plastic tubing. Allow three weeks for delivery.

3. Stand Alone Poster Display/Rack

This is more expensive, but attractive and functional. It displays and stores inventory in one place and can stock a large variety of titles. The unit consists of “wing displays” which allow for easy browsing of the full-sized posters above a rack with slots for rolled posters in vinyl sleeves. We have a special arrangement for SCW customers to receive a 20% discount on these racks from JJ Display. We’ll supply plastic tubing for the rolled posters. Similar display racks can be mounted on walls or sit on the floor, with posters stored elsewhere. Some stores have also created custom displays/racks using their creativity and available resources.

4. Line High Area

Similar to decorating except that posters are set apart rather than integrated into the décor. Many stores have blank space above shelving near the ceiling that works well with an array of posters. The customer can typically view and decide on purchase from a distance. Posters are numbered and correspond to a portfolio or a pre-rolled storage area.


SCW gets high quality shipping tubes from YazooMills.com. If your customers aren’t shipping the posters (most won’t be), less expensive tubes will be fine. A 3x24″ tube will accommodate nearly all our posters. Most customers don’t want one, but it’s a nice courtesy for those who do. We charge $2 at shows and get no complaints. Otherwise plastic tubing (we supply free upon request) or rubber bands work fine.

Syracuse Cultural Workers’ posters express sentiments that we seek to cultivate in our community. They sell because they reflect how our community wants to grow. –Aja Martin, Indigo Bridge Books, Lincoln, NE

We look forward to working with you to effectively sell our posters and other products to your customers. Please call with questions, comments and orders! Andy Mager, Sales Manager Phone: 800.949.5139 x102 Fax: 800-396-1449 E-mail: wholesale@syracuseculturalworkers.com (download our poster merchandising flier)