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Free displays for Holiday Cards, Notecard Collections, Notecards and Postcards
Signs available for each rack; please request. Whole | Free Card Displays

Cardboard Card Displays

  • Our attractive display can be used for any 5x7 packages of SCW cards
  • Holiday Cards - 12 cards, one design
    Each package is marked for holiday or occasion: Holiday, Solstice, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, etc.
    Greetings shown on back of packages
  • Notecard Collections - 12 cards, mixed designs
    Bar coded priced at $19.95
  • Sturdy black cardboard, pre-assembled
  • Colorful display sign emphasizes ecological and labor values of materials and printing.
  • Footprint: 12" wide x 11" deep x 16" tall
  • $8 without qualifying holiday card or notecard collection order. SKU #R004

Holiday Cards

Free with purchase of 24 holiday card packages.
Displays six designs, four packs per slot.

24 5x7 packages…$132 WSP

54% wholesale discount; Suggested retail price $11.95 (packages not price-marked). Display shipped pre-assembled, shipping costs are additional.

Notecard Collections

Free with purchase of 18 notecard collections.
Displays six designs, three packs per slot.

18 collections…$180 WSP

50% wholesale discount; Retail price $19.95 (packages are bar coded and price-marked). Display shipped pre-assembled, shipping costs are additional.

Postcard Spinners

Free with purchase of $200 or more in postcards.
*One free rack per customer

Postcards shown: