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Exciting New Children's And Youth Book Project

Quite simply, the goal of this new project is to make SCW the first place you think to look for new (and sometimes older), high quality children's and youth books with social justice, liberationist themes.

Our new editor, Amelia Lefevre, will be culling through the offerings of at least 40 publishers, large and small, to build this collection. It will encompass the broad range of social justice themes that SCW has always presented.

Much of the collection will only be on our website, but it will be more accessible with its own sort under “Book” in Product Categories. There are 12 new children/youth books, eight in our Spring and Summer print catalogs and four more on our website.

Amelia is uniquely suited to edit this project. She already spends hours hunting for progressive, feminist books for her two wonderful young children who are not shy about giving their opinions of books. Amelia is an activist and writer as well. Full disclosure – I am the “gruncle” (unrelated grandfather – my term!) to the children. If you have book suggestions or comments, please contact Let's make sure our children's reading (and listening) embraces the values we hold dear. Thank you.

-Dik Cool, publisher

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