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Poster - How To End Global Warming

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A blueprint (complete with coffee ring stain!) for people and institutions seeking practical ways to cool the climate. Revised text 2007.


Get excited about an energy revolution Visualize our Earth from space Know that it's fragile MAKE YOUR HOME ENERGY EFFICIENT Don't drive, unless you have to Walk more*Cycle more*Skate more Switch to energy star appliances Turn off lights when you leave a room Avoid drive-thrus Install Solar Panels...They Work Build political will for local change DEMAND BETTER MASS TRANSIT Use buses,trains, and trams Share cars*Carpool Avoid fast food*Eat Less Meat Share what you have*Buy Less Stuff Reuse Before you Recycle Dig up the concrete PLANT TREES*SAVE FORESTS Buy eco-certified or re-used timber Put your hot water heater on a timer EAT LOCALLY GROWN ORGANIC FOOD Don't fly, unless you have to Support climate friendly politicians Support neighborhood businesses Take Pride in being Resourceful Put on a sweater Turn off the air conditioner Buy tree-free or post-consumer paper Use a clothesline instead of a dryer Dream of a solar-hydrogen economy Close down coal-burning power plants BUY GREEN ENERGY Slow down* Find your voice DON'T BELIEVE WHAT THE AUTO AND OIL COMPANIES SAY Support the Kyoto Protocol Demand Strict Emission Controls And Fuel Efficiency On All Vehicles Kiss the carbon years goodbye Our world will be whole And Healed Tomorrow If We Pay Attention Today.

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