Poster Calendar - 2018 Lunar Calendar


Very limited quantities available of 2018

It is time to reconnect with the ancient cycles of the moon and the sun, where we look to the sky, rather than to our watches, and let our bodies feel the shift of light and shadow.
See this as an invitation to view your journey not as a straight timeline, nor as a consistent grid, but as a spiral that brings you back to places you recognize from a perspective of new experiences and insight.
These are cycles that were once a matter of survival: patterns carved into gold and stone to guide the hunts and harvests. Then they were set aside, neglected in favor of rectangles and squares, metal gears and springs. But some remembered, like seafarers who still chart the tides and farmers who plant by the moon.
Let us admire these patterns and mark the flows from dark moon to full moon and back again, like a lullaby we almost remember.

Maxx Hill