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Postcard - God Bless America

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God Bless America

Here are some of the key action steps:
Ban Assault Weapons - These weapons of war were banned from 1994 to 2004 and led to a significant reduction in mass shootings.
UNIVERSAL Background Checks - No exceptions.
Ban Large Capacity Magazines and Bump Stocks - Who needs them?
Implement Red Flag Laws - They save lives, particularly for the over 50% of gun deaths which involve suicide.
Raise the Standards for Gun Ownership - Age 21, Gun Licensing, Training Requirements, Safe Storage, Insurance...
Hold the Gun Industry and Their Lobby (the NRA) Accountable - End immunity and regulate their activities.

Here's some relevant information from other countries.

  • After a 2019 mass shooting in New Zealand, the government amended their gun laws within weeks. There has not been a mass shooting since.
  • A 1996 massacre in Australia resulted in the mandatory buybacks of guns and only one mass shooting has happened since.
  • After a mass shooting in Britain in 1987, the government banned semiautomatic weapons, and after a 1996 shooting they also banned handguns. Britain now has one of the lowest gun-related death rates in the world.

-information courtesy of our friends at the Center for the Study of Political Graphics


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