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Postcard - Alternative Alphabet Poster For Little and Big People


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Features words ranging from basic elements of a child's life to concepts likely to be met with puzzlement. It reflects respect for the Earth and all its creatures; for its variety of cultures, histories, and peoples; for principles of justice and freedom; for wonder in the sky above and the soil below.

*Africa* Hank Aaron*apron*abolitionist*anger*antelope
*Bicycle* Elizabeth Blackwell*bread*barter*ball*beans*books*bug
*Compost* cat*CesarChavez*cookies*cooperate*community*children
*Dragon* diversity*dreidel*democracy*dance*Dorothy Day*dog
*Echinacea* elders*eel*equality*AlbertEinstein*elf*earth*education
*Freedom* feminism*father*face*family*farm*Betty Friedan*fern
*Garden* generations*Gandhi*Matilda JoslynGage*gay*goddess*green
*Heron* hugs*horse*hemp*Joe Hill*home*hot*hum*homeopathy
*Insects* Henrik Ibsen*iron*indigenous*imagine*itch*immigrants
*Mother Jones* jasmine*jazz*justice*jump*jar*jellyfish*joke*jet
*Martin Luther King, Jr* Kwanzaa*karma*kindness*kale*Maggie Kuhn
*Library* Audre Lorde*love*ladybug*lap*laugh*lesbian
*March* moon*May Day*mother*midwife*Rigoberta Menchu
*Native American* no nukes*neighbor*nonviolence*nose*Ralph Nader*nail
*Orangutan* oak*organize*owl*organic*Osceola*oboe*ocean
*Peace* picnic*Rosa Parks*pride*poem*pail*pet*Leonard Peltier
*Quilt* quart*quick*quiet*question*quake*quail*Nizar Qabbani
*Recycle* Paul Robeson*read*revolution*roots*river*rainbow*ray
*Sun* sing*smile*snow*Aung San Suu Kyi*solidarity*socialism
*Turtle* tortilla*tree*two*tofu*teacher*train*Sojourner Truth
*Universe* uncle*under*urn*unity*ukulele*unions*up
*Vote* Sacco & Vanzetti*village*vowels*vegetarian*volcano
*Witch* wish*wave*walk*water*whale*Alice Walker*wok
*Xylem* xylophone*explore*Malcolm X*exit*exercise*xenophobia
*Yoga* yellow*yogurt*Molly Yard*yam*yin*yang*yawn
*Zzzzzz* Zapatistas*zip code*zoo*zucchini*Howard Zinn*zinc


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