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Notecard - Dancing Frogs


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Dancing Frogs

Paul O. Boisvert, photograph ©1987.

On back of card:

Taking It To The Street! Dancing frogs. Turtles blocking traffic. Puppets at protests. Street theater has been part of public storytelling for centuries. Putting a hand inside a puppet, climbing a pair of stilts, donning a mask - it's liberating. You can expose injustice, give voice to hope, point out the ridiculous and evil, be courageous, be big in every sense.

Arrests of protesters and puppeteers have escalated at rallies against biodevastation, the FTAA, IMF, WTO, World Bank and at US political party conventions. Pre-emptive arrests, confiscated puppets, infiltrated planning meetings, enormous "no protest" zones and jailing people on trumped-up charges prevent people from assembling and silence our voices. Speaking out doesn't make you an outlaw; it makes you a responsible citizen of a democracy. This is not a traditional war, it is an economic one - WWIII? As activists become galvanized against the bloated and absurd effects of globalization, the most sane reaction is to become bloated and absurd yourself - dress up and make a scene. We recognize globaliztion as an insidious battle where corporate power and government policies ravage the rights of people and our planet. Dress up, speak up, take it to the streets! Another world is possible!

Paul O. Boisvert


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