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Notecard - Adele and Sylvie

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Adele and Sylvie

Harvey Gabor, mixed media ©2001

On Back of Card: In July 1997, three same-gender couples filed suit in Vermont seeking legal recognition of their marriages. On December 20, 1999 the historic Baker decision was handed down by the State Supreme Court. It charged the Vermont legislature with ensuring that same gender couples be granted all the rights, responsibilities and benefits of marriage. (Over 300 Vermont laws and 1049 Federal statutes relate to the particular protections, supports and obligations of married people.) The parallel system called Civil Unions resulted and was signed into law July 2001. The new law couldn't have come soon enough for Adele and Sylvie, who have been companions for over forty years.
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"The heart that loves is always young." Harvey Gabor

Harvey Gabor


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