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Holiday Card - Carry It On

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Carry It On

Blank inside

Karen Kerney, mixed media, SCW ©1999

On Back of Card: Seven days a week, twelve months a year...and now the millennium. It all seems so natural. But there are many more ways of charting the passage of time than those that usually show up on our calendars. The artwork on the reverse side is a celebration of some of those possibilities. It contains thirteen moons, honoring the lunar counting followed in Native American, Celtic, Jewish, and many other traditions. Native time is non-linear; its passing is marked by a repeating cycle of 13 moons, richly expressive of the seasonal cycles shaping the Earth-governed world. The phrases in the artwork honor traditions of continuity and liberation,

Translation of text in artwork on reverse side (from top to bottom): Arabic: "Give hope and do not discourage people." Spanish: "The Struggle Continues!" Japanese: "Keep a stiff upper lip, Hang in there! or Persevere!" Mandarin: "Carry it on." Hebrew: "Forward, never stopping"

5x7, Blank inside; with envelope Package of 12

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