Datebook - 2020 Women Artists Datebook | Syracuse Cultural Workers

Datebook - 2020 Women Artists Datebook

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A resource for tracking your schedule and inspiring you with beautiful artwork, powerful poetry and thought-provoking quotes!

Compact, beautiful and environmentally respectful.

  • Flat opening, spiral-bound
  • Uncoated stock for notations
  • Lunar cycles, 13 native moons
  • Weekly quotes by women
  • 5x7 • Engagement

*We made a mistake and printed an outdated menstrual calendar. If this is something you use, you can download the corrected 2020 Menstrual Calendar here. If printed at 100%, it can fit right over the misprinted page in the datebook. 

"I love the art, the poetry, the quotes. The Datebook is really a beautiful thing."
—Mary Lou, Georgia

From the Dedication:
We live under a dominant patriarchy determined to control our bodies, our lives, as well as this shared Earth. But we can build resilience and trust among us as we work toward a world in harmony and balance. The matriarchy is on the rise.