Calendar - 2018 Peace Calendar

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  • 200 people's history annotations
  • 47th edition
  • Holidays for many faiths
  • Lunar cycles, 13 native moons
  • ISBN: 978-0-935155-26-6



Since 2013, the children of Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood have felt the healing power of art at this informal arts experience and performance space.  Citizen artist/activist Vanessa German provides the determination and the inspiration. ©Vanessa German, courtesy of the artist and Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York


African American History Month

Frederick Douglass — 200th Birthday

Freedom fighter Frederick Douglass has inspired generations of activists, including those in Northern Ireland. This powerful Belfast mural by Marty Lyons, Mark Irvine and Danny Devenny places Douglass in the center of broad freedom struggles, including references to Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, Nelson Mandela, and others. Photo Matteo DeSanctis ©2012 Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives carries on this critical work.


Women's History Month

Women’s March On Washington And The World

This SCW photo collage commemorates the amazing creativity, outrage and determination displayed on January 21, 2017, as millions worldwide gathered, marched and sang to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump, and call for a more just world. Photos: Katie Bordner ©2017


Permaculture Works

Martin Clark Bridge’s intriguing acrylic ©2015, titled “Handprint”, asks us to consider our impact on the planet.  The practice of permaculture can allow us to meet human needs—including ending poverty and hunger — while conserving the Earth’s resources.


Keeping Hope Alive For Syria

The Za’atari Refugee camp in Jordan is home to over 80,000 Syrian refugees. Murals by Joel Bergner ©2013 and local artists, including camp children, lift up their spirits and voices. The power of art to nurture and inspire has rarely been more evident.


Gay Pride Month

Trans Justice

Micah Bazant’s vivid watercolor ©2016 tribute to trans activist Isa Noyola is from the Trans Life and Liberation art series, created about and with living trans people on the front lines of their liberation movement.


Rise Together

Solidarity is the exciting theme of Cheryl Braganza’s vibrant painting of women marching for justice in Mumbai, India.  Paired with Aaron Goggans’ (Black Lives Matter) insightful words, it spurs our dedication to forge a unified resistance against the rightwing assaults on fairness and justice.


Japanese American Imprisonment

Fear and racism led to the imprisonment of 120,000 Japanese-American citizens and immigrants in 1942.  Using primarily contemporary photos taken by survivors’ descendants, this SCW collage depicts a “relocation center,” near Manzanar, CA. Nidoto nah yoni (Let it not happen again). Photographs by Trent Kanemaki and other photographers.


I Study History

Ricardo Levins Morales mixed media ©1999 tribute to unions and working class solidarity takes its inspiration from the proud people’s history of the labor movement and the music of Si Kahn It reminds us that solidarity is a critical tool against employer opposition enabled by government policy.


Black Power At 1968 Olympics - 50th Anniversary

Thousands of athletes have used their visibility in popular culture to protest racism and injustice. This SCW collage pays tribute to Tommie Smith and John Carlos’ Black Power/human rights salute at the 1968 Olympics that instantly became an international front-page story and an iconic image in sports history.


Native American Heritage Month

Standing Rock Lives

On April 1, 2016 a call went out from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation — a call for support, a call for water protectors. Over 500 nations and allies spent the next seven months creating community and a far-flung network of support for the effort to halt the oil pipeline. Artwork by Ron Toledo, photograph by Alex Hamer

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