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Book - The Big Blue Schoolhouse

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Hardcover, 8x10, 60 pp., 2010. Ages 9-15 "This is an inspirational book for any home or school library. Rarely do youngsters today have the opportunity to experience other cultures as described by someone their own age. An extended visit to West Africa with wonderful pictures by photo-journalist father, Matt Herron, provides the backdrop for this story of a family's sailing adventures, seen through the eyes of 13 year old Matthew. Educator and neuropsychologist mother, Jeannine, suggests educational content for 'school' along the way, but the world itself is school for these young voyagers. Their adventures are real and remarkable. The book is a rich resource for parents looking for ways to enhance the education of their offspring, and for teachers seeking to enliven the social studies curriculum. Parents, teachers and students alike will find it hard to put down!" -Anne Evans, school principal, international educational consultant, and sailor

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Matt Herron