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Book - Remembering Inez Milholland


New - The Last Campaign of Inex Milholland, Suffrage Martyr

Strong, confident, and independent, Inez Milholland personified the "New Woman" of the early 20th century. Inez had just turned 30 when she set out from New York in 1916 on a controversial speaking tour of the western states demanding passage of the woman suffrage amendment. Despite illness and growing exhaustion, she kept up a grueling pace, rallying day after day just long enough to deliver her passionate "Appeal to the Women Voters of the West." In late October, after yet another rousing speech, she collapsed "like a wilted white rose" on a Los Angeles stage and died a month later of pernicious anemia.

This brief collection of articles and photographs from the time recalls Inez's final campaign and pays tribute to her importance as a symbol and inspiration to women trying to win the vote. The book includes her eloquent "Appeal" along with memorial resolutions, poems and emotional tributes from fellow suffragists. Six weeks after her death, indignant and bereft, her colleagues began picketing the White House with her final please emblazoned on their banners: "Mr. President, How Long Must Women Wait for Liberty?"

Barely remembered a century later, Inez Milholland played a highly visible role in the final phase of the women suffrage movement. Her death while demanding poltical liberty for women led many to consider her a martyr to the cause who personified the sacrifices generations of women made before finally winning equal suffrage in 1920.

Softcover, 96 pages, 2015, 24 photographs.

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