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Book - Moon Watchers


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Ages 4-10

Moon Watchers
Reza Jalali
Art: Anne Sibley O’Brien

Moon Watchers provides an inside glimpse of life for a Muslim family during Ramadan, providing rich cultural detail in the context of a relatable story about sibling rivalry-turned-comradery.

Shirin and her dad, looking through the tall trees in their backyard in Maine, search for a glimpse of the new moon, the sign that the month of Ramadan has begun. Ramadan is a time when Muslims around the world pray, fast, and pay special attention to doing good deeds. Shirin is nine and thinks she should be able to fast like her older brother Ali, but her parents feel she is still too young to go without food and water all day. When Shirin catches Ali sneaking food after school, she wonders: Should she tattle or is this an opportunity for a good deed? Shirin feels left out when the others break their fasts to have their own meals after dark and in the early morning, before it is light again. But then her grandmother tells a story that shows her a way she can feel more a part of Ramadan and the traditions and closeness her family enjoys during this special month of the year. Her good deeds result in a surprise for everyone!
Skipping Stones Honor Award, Maine Literary Awards Finalist

Ages 4-10.

Hardcover, 9x10, 32 pp., 2010.

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Reza Jalali
Anne Sibley O’Brien (art)