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Book - Kisses Condoms and Consent

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Ages 12+


Kisses, Condoms, and Consent
Will Decherd

From the author: “My book is a compilation of over 500 anonymous questions asked by my middle school students during sex ed and my honest, informed, sex and body positive, gender inclusive, and consent-focused answers. There are some serious parts, some silly parts, a ton of important information, and a hefty dose of compassion.

I wrote this book because I thought young people (and their parents) might want to see what questions other young people have asked about sex. And, of course, get some answers.”

“Radically inclusive, friendly, and deeply human.”—Catherine Newman, author of How to Be a Person

“This authentic, comprehensive, refreshing, and extremely engaging book … is deeply educational, with genuinely sound, well-researched answers to common adolescent questions on sex and sexuality. Will Decherd has written a must-read for every adolescent and their parents.” 

— Daniela Hochreiter, MD, Pediatrician, Yale School of Medicine

Ages 12+

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Will Decherd