10 Steps for Fundraising Success | Syracuse Cultural Workers

10 Steps for Fundraising Success

  1. Identify a sales coordinator(s). Plan a timeline for your sales drive. Get catalogs and other materials from us.
  2. Recruit and train sellers. Remind them of your organization’s important work and the value of offering these products teaching about and promoting values of peace, social justice, sustainability and more.
  3. Distribute Catalogs and Order Forms. Encourage sellers to approach and share the catalogs with their family, neighbors, co-workers, fellow students, fellow worshippers, etc. Remind them that there are many additional products on our website (but not to order online).
  4. Go out and sell! Provide encouragement and support to the folks who are doing the selling. Occasional reminder emails, texts or phone calls are helpful for people who need some assistance getting past their hesitation about selling or getting this higher on their priority list.
  5. Collect orders and payment. Have checks made payable to your group so you get the funds right away.
  6. Sales coordinator combines orders onto the Fundraising Tally Form and then summarizes that information on the Final Cost Sheet to determine your share and how much you owe SCW.
  7. Send the completed Final Cost Sheet, Fundraising Tally Form and payment to us (check, money order, payable to SCW, Mastercard/Visa/Discover - no cash!). Be sure to keep copies for yourself!
  8. We ship your order within 48 hours unless other arrangements are made. We are speedy, accurate and proud of our good customer service.
  9. You receive your order, double-check what you receive against your Fundraising Tally Sheet. Please let us know right away if there are any discrepancies and we’ll work with you to make it right.
  10. Distribute products to customers.

You can also download 10 Steps to Fundraising Success to share with your group.