Fund Appeal 2018 | Syracuse Cultural Workers

Fund Appeal 2018

May 8, 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters,

In late March, on my way back from a vacation in the Florida Panhandle, I stopped in Montgomery, Alabama. While developing topics for the 2019 Peace Calendar I learned of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) and its development of a memorial and museum in Montgomery dedicated to those killed in terror lynchings in the US. When I ‘snuck’ into The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration (about 90% completed at the time), I was stunned by the courage, power, scope and quality of the interactive exhibits.

After meeting with EJI staff I drove by the under-construction National Memorial for Peace and Justice which takes up an entire city block overlooking downtown Montgomery. In bold truth-telling it publicly honors the 4,400 African Americans lynched between 1877 and 1950. In Montgomery, the former epicenter of enslavement, lynchings and Jim Crow, the memorial is a remarkable confrontation to a horrific part of our nation’s history.

I also found the memorial and museum strangely hopeful, and hope is a quality we desperately need as we enter the 16th month of the Trump regime’s reactionary rule. The cover of the 2019 Peace Calendar, which we are just finishing, features four hopeful movements that are building grassroots social change while increasingly practicing intersectionality. Black Lives Matter. #MeToo. Indigenous Resistance/Standing Rock. Stop Gun Violence.

To those movements I would add Immigrant Rights/Dreamers; Climate Justice; the Poor People’s Campaign and what I’ll call the Awakened Electoral Movement. SCW has created products to assist, inspire and expand the reach of all these movements.

We have identified the mid-term elections as critical to blunting the right wing attacks on all we hold dear. Accordingly, SCW has just published Vote!, an inexpensive ($1 or less!) broadside that can be used as a handout or poster in electoral organizing. It contains an essay on why leftists and progressives must vote and one on the potential impact of the mid-terms and is roughly the 10th broadside, in the tradition of Thomas Paine, we have published. .

In addition, we are preparing products to celebrate two important people’s history anniversaries: the Stonewall Rebellion’s 50th in June, 2019; and the Woman Suffrage 100th in August, 2020. We have already assembled a number of products on the latter.

All of which is to say that we continue to need your financial support. As you know, publishing feminist/progressive products is not a good choice for making money. But it is a good choice for helping to build a better world! Please be as generous as possible. Thank you.

In Resistance,

Dik Cool, Founder/Publisher

Affirmations from Supporters

Just to share the impact on our family of the Peace Calendar. We had the tradition of giving a Peace Calendar to each of my partner’s children’s families at the holiday time. For some reason, that lapsed and we did not continue to send to all 4 families. Then, on March 27, 2011 our youngest daughter Jessica (35 at the time) died unexpectedly. When we went to Raleigh, NC where she was a middle school language arts teacher to both see and clean out her room, we saw that many of the items decorating the walls and motivating her students were from the SCW peace calendars from years gone by. Ever since then, we have not missed a year of both giving the Peace Calendar to each family, but started a new tradition in Jessica’s honor that when one of our grandchildren moves out to start their own lives - mostly going to college, but whatever they choose - they receive their own copy of the Peace Calendar with the intent to let it be a tribute to their aunt and the way she lived her life advocating for social justice, education and love. Thank you for helping us to make this happen each year.
- Karen & Jeanine, Virginia

SCW- Thank you for being - and continuing to be, at the heart of our hopes for whatever’s ahead. I can only support you monetarily, a litte bit, but you do make a difference in the quality of my sweet universe.
Carol, Wisconsin

I have been a customer and supporter of SCW for many many years. You continue to be FANTASTIC! I know how devoted your staff is and how hard you must work to keep it going. Thanks so much for helping to be the conscience of our often insane world.
- Jan, Oakland, CA

Know that you make such a difference in the lives of people all over the world. I speak for many women who feel disenfranchised, who feel they would be ostracized if they spoke about HIV/AIDS in their neighborhood. I count it an honor to be the voice for many. I count it a joy to be connected to Syracuse Cultural Workers.
- Susan, Pennsylvania

The “Greetings and Thanks” accordion poster was given to me by the poster artist, Karen Kerney, during a particularly challenging time in my life in Syracuse, NY. The poster’s affirmations of gratitude toward the world helped me shift my perspective from grief toward feeling held and supported in the midst of great change and transition in my life. Shortly after receiving the gift of that poster, I moved from Syracuse to Albuquerque, NM. Imagine my delight on my first day in NM when I discovered that poster hanging at the front desk of my new office The familiar artwork and the beautiful expressions of gratitude made me feel instantly at home in a new place, and reminded me that I am supported by the earth’s abundance wherever I wander.
- Kelsea, New Mexico