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May 22, 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters,
First, I want to tell you why we send an annual fund appeal. The short answer is that it’s very, very difficult to maintain a feminist/progressive business in what is mostly an apolitical culture, (You folks not included!) A basic commitment of SCW is to produce beautiful, high quality products that are comparable to what the corporations inundate us with, because our movements deserve it! Not only is this commitment more expensive for us, but it also gives some folks the mistaken impression that we are a profitable, comfortably successful business. I am occasionally asked, “Who do you donate part of your profits to?” Momentarily stunned, I usually respond there aren’t any profits and if there were I’d donate them to my woefully underpaid staff and the debt we’ve accumulated.

The hourly pay range for my dedicated hard-working staff is only $12 to $17/hr. after a small increase made possible by a profitable 2018 (thank you Trump!). Our first meaningful profit since 2006, prior to the recession. I own the company and our building, but have not paid myself a salary or rent since 2009. I have been reluctant to share this information, but my long-time partner Karen insisted I owe it to you and myself to share it.

All my staff could be making more money elsewhere, but they stay because they want to be part of making a difference. (Not that anyone would mind making more!) Five of us have been here more than 20 years, two others ten years. It is a great place to work. Flexible, supportive, cooperative. And of course SCW, with help from Obamacare provides basic health insurance for everyone.

Obviously, I tell you all this not to solicit your pity but to solicit your financial support! This is a fund appeal after all. Seriously, it makes things a little easier. Many years it has been the difference between losing money and a small profit.

Many of you may know we are publishing a special calendar for the Centennial of Women’s Suffrage in 2020. What began as an idea last fall has evolved into a remarkable document of courage and sacrifice. Hear Us Roar! is due 6/21/19. Here is my publishers note:

Welcome to Hear Us Roar! As I immersed myself in this remarkable 72 year-long struggle (or 117 year struggle if you include African American’s voting denial in the South until passage of the Voting Rights Act), I kept asking myself “why don’t I know this?” My next response was crying at the amazing persistence, creativity and passion that tens of thousands of women brought to this struggle; and at the insidious, patriarchal way this movement has been ignored and trivialized because it was by and for women. My hope is that our calendar and the thousands of centennial events being organized by grassroots groups across the country will begin to redress this historical travesty.

In Solidarity,
Dik Cool, Founder/Publisher 

P.S. The 2020 Peace Calendar, as always, is brilliant. The March art is dedicated to passage of the ERA.

Please note that your donation is not tax deductible.



I do believe that art is a powerful force for change and you are one of the best examples of this idea. -Maggie, Montreal, Canada

Keep those gutsy posters coming. This country is desperate for alternatives. -Spokane, WA

Dear Syracuse Peaceniks - the Peace Calendar is great. I hope to plug it everywhere I go. -Pete Seeger, Beacon, NY

I'm giving your "Reagan Is a Dangerous Hypocrite" poster to my 96 year old grandmother who hates Reagan! Your products warm our Christmas. - Jean, Ypsilanti, MI

Official reason the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Lexington, KY gave for rejecting a Peace Calendar sent to anti-imperialist political prisoner Susan Rosenberg: "...inciting disorderly conduct in the security of the institution."

I am overwhelmed - I have just discovered your catalog..... Thank you for reflecting my visions back to me and providing substance. -Beverly, Cleveland Heights, OH

As I turn my Peace Calendar to May, I am once again swept away by the tremendous beauty and power of this wonderful collection of art, propaganda, history, struggle and inspiration. I am a political prisoner and a grand jury resister. Today was a long day for me and leafing through the calendar was like a kiss and a back massage. -Julie, Lexington, KY (This calendar got through "security!")

General Smedley Butler's post card is the most powerful article you have! He was in the 1st World War. I was a Marine in the 2nd World War. I give them out to people freely. Yesterday I gave out some 15 to people in my barbershop. All of them were grateful and all of them agreed 100% that "War Is A Racket." Carpe Diem. -Carl, Eugene, OR

Thank you very much for your thoughtful & comprehensive catalog. I appreciate your including my statement about our 9-11 response on a poster. Please stay in touch! -Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Oakland, CA

Syracuse Cultural Workers is a model organization, promoting the rights and works of many repressed minorities. This world is fortunate to have organizations such as yours. - Kerry, Guilford Native American Association, Greensboro, NC

I thought the Peace Calendar was marvelous. Imaginative, informative, even uplifting. I hope it will become a regular event. -Noam Chomsky, Cambridge, MA

I'm a postal worker and while sorting the mail came across your catalog - being an honest one - I did not pilfer it. Could you please send me a copy of your catalog? -Gail, Ann Arbor, MI

I am proud to make a contribution to such an important and inspiring, creative organization. I only wish I could afford more than $100 but even that is extending myself right now. I just want to thank you for your efforts to make our world a better place and to give me the opportunity to join your efforts!! I adore SCW!! -Scott, Lancaster, PA

In light of all the grim news, receiving your beautiful, intriguing catalog in today’s mail was a patch of blue in an otherwise depressingly grey political sky! Straightaway, I sent word of SCW to dozens of likeminded friends. I only wish your catalog had been around when I was a girl! -Jo, Blaine, WA

Keep on doing what you're doing. It's needed more than you know! -Rep. Vincent Hughes, Member, House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

You are doing beautiful work and it deserves to be widely known. -Dennis, University of Pittsburgh Department of Black Community Education Research & Development