Ricardo Levins Morales | Syracuse Cultural Workers

Ricardo Levins Morales

I am an artist/activist...or is it activist/artist? It's impossible to put one before the other or separate them. The artwork which I have created, is sometimes on my own and sometimes in relationship with organizations, communities and organizers. I believe that art can contribute to changing people's perceptions, hearts and understandings of what has been, what is and what's possible.

I'm enough of an organizer to understand that art can't do it alone; people getting together and acting together is the real source of social change. The dignity and possibility in all people is the underlying message of my work.

NOTE: Ricardo is this year's recipient of the Art Is A Hammer Award from The Center For the Study of Political Graphics!!!! "Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it." -Vladimir Mayakovsky