Jane Evershed | Syracuse Cultural Workers

Jane Evershed

Mother, activist, artist, poet and presenter.

Born in England in 1959, Jane grew up in South Africa. This experience during the racist Apartheid era taught her the nature of domination firsthand from a young age and informs her artistic consciousness to this day.

In 1990 Jane began raising her two children as a single mother in Minneapolis, MN , using the income she made from self-publishing her art series, most notably, The Power of Woman. Her notecards, prints and journals have been nationally distributed since 1989.

Jane’s activism began at the age of 21 when she was jailed briefly in South Africa for opposing the apartheid. She spent two years on the Board of Women Against Military Madness in Minneapolis and was jailed briefly for activism against an arms manufacturer as part of the Alliant 28.

Jane now lives on a river in the countryside where it is possible to create a sustainable lifestyle in nature, eventually live off-grid and be an earthling again.

Uniting the power of the pen with the boldness of the brush, Jane’s body of work expresses a passionate philosophy. Her art shines with a bright glow gleaned from the colors of life as a young woman in Africa. At times humorous, Jane deftly tackles injustice as well as inspiring women to assume their true power. She believes we must counter the images of violence and indoctrination that have been burned into our brains by mainstream media and more.

Jane reveals an ongoing interest in seeing humanitarian justice highlighted in the world. Her art shamelessly exposes the major injustices incurred by the existing global system that shape sour lives and seeks to determine a bleak future for humanity.

In celebration of this early millennium Jane created an genre called Terra-ism meaning Earth Love, which speaks to the deep connection that human beings have to the Earth, almost forgotten today in the excessive, synthetic, nature-starved existences.