Jack Manno | Syracuse Cultural Workers

Jack Manno

Jack Manno is a writer, father, scholar, husband, social theorist, writer of blessings and poems, cook, gardener, choir voice and teacher of re-evaluation co-counseling. He is also a professor of Environmental Studies at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He was a founder of the Syracuse Cultural Workers because at the time of its founding he lived collectively with the real founder, Dik Cool, and loved the idea of art as an essential for transforming the world into a place where people and the other beings of the earth matter more than riches and the power to exploit. He's full of gratitude for the opportunity to be among the living.

He still lives collectively with his extended family that includes Dik Cool and still loves the work of the Syracuse Cultural Workers. If you want to learn more visit http://www.esf.edu/es/manno.