Gene Pendon | Syracuse Cultural Workers

Gene Pendon

"I love celebrating the successes of community organizations, including the vital work of the Community Health Center. Quality health care is a fundamental human right and the Center is making this possible for many, many people."

In 1998, Gene co-founded Heavyweight Production House (HVW8) with designer, Tyler Gibney, in Montreal, Canada, as a creative company that incorporates art, design, illustration, music and events. Gene also co-founded the Heavyweight Art Installation, an ongoing live painting project, collaborating with both Tyler Gibney and Dan Buller to create music and urban culture inspired canvases before live audiences. The Heavyweight Art Installation has toured internationally, through out Canada and the US, Germany, England, Spain, Belgium, Holland, and Puerto Rico, creating live art pieces at music shows and has held exhibitions and live installations in galleries such as The Parco Gallery in Tokyo, Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art (MOCCA) in Toronto, Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, The Illustration Gallery in Stoud, UK, the Apart Gallery in London UK. Gene authored the artistic statement on behalf of the collective for HVW8’s “Political Minded” series, which consisted of exhibitions featuring mural installation, paintings and graphics around cultural and political activism and toured to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Montreal. Most recently, HVW8 Art Installation participated in the Manifest Hope Exhibition for the DNC in Denver and the work was featured in the book “Art For Obama”.