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Estelle Carol

Estelle was co-founder of the Chicago Women's Graphics Collective in 1970 and a founder of the Herstory Website Project in 1999. She is the web designer for the site. Active in the draft resistance movement during the Viet Nam War, she joined the Chicago Women's Liberation Union in 1969 after a stint in the Women's Radical Action Project (WRAP) at the University of Chicago.

She is currently the owner of a home business, Electronic Illustration and Design. Most of her work involves illustration and graphic design for non-profit organizations, unions, advocacy groups, magazines and children's books. Her online portfolio is located at

With her partner Bob Simpson, she also draws labor cartoons under the name Carol*Simpson. Her cartoons may be seen at She sees her current business as a continuation of the work she began in the Women's Graphics Collective. The mother of two children. Her daughter Dana has assisted in site production.