Erica Fielder | Syracuse Cultural Workers

Erica Fielder

The best and most interesting way I know how to contribute to a cultural shift toward a balanced relationship with the living systems of our planet is through my art. I call this work Ecological Art or EcoArt. EcoArt is designed to educate people about natural systems and to clarify cultural misunderstandings about ecology. In particular, I am interested in how my art can guide participants and viewers toward developing a sense of kinship with their home terrain, be it rural, small town or big city.

Erica Fielder is part of a growing international ecological art movement that merges art, environmental ethics and science in order to explore and solve some of the most pressing issues of our time. Her art and teaching advocate a shift away from negative aspects of human-centeredness, and inspire participants and students to find artistic ways to help move western society to an eco-centered paradigm.