Cameryn Miller | Syracuse Cultural Workers

Cameryn Miller

Cameryn Miller was born in Merced, Ca and raised in Carlsbad, Ca. Growing up, she was fascinated with the arts. She loved drawing, painting, taking pictures, collaging and she loved making music. She attended Carlsbad High School and during those four years she was in Varsity Choir, AP Studio Art, and Photography 1 and 2. She was set on becoming a musician, like her mother, until her junior year when she realized that she wanted to pursue photography as a career. She graduated from CHS in 2013, and is currently living in Vista, Ca. She has been accepted into Brook’s Institute of Photography in Ventura/Santa Barbara, Ca and will be attending in Fall 2014.

In her first year of Photography (junior), she began to develop her passion. One of her first big projects was to create a poster for the school’s “Words Hurt” campaign to spread the word on how bullying effects people.
“I wanted to touch on the fact that we are all human and that we all feel and we all take things that other people say to heart, regardless of how we look or express things on the outside. It is in our nature to care what others think of us, and it hurts us to know when those things are negative. It is also in our nature to judge and categorize people and things, but we never know what a person is going through in their private life, so it is insensitive to vocalize our judgements. Everyone needs to learn when to say when. As Thumper once said, “If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”