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War & Peace

Posters of Resistance & Inspiration Exhibit

War & Peace is an exhibit of many dimensions. First, it chronicles 25 years of US citizen resistance to and commentary on US government policies, predominantly foreign policy. Second, it offers a people’s history perspective, looking at events from the point of view of the millions of Americans who feel +unrepresented by a militaristic government that makes pre-emptive war and condones torture. People’s history also celebrates victories, and puts forth alternative world views, celebrating the possibility of a world in which peace, equality and justice are available to the many, rather than the few. Lastly, it documents the role of the poster format in progressive struggles. Carol Wells, founder of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, eloquently addresses this topic:

“Political posters offer a nontraditional look at our
collective history. They highlight the struggles that have
defined our present and continue to shape our future.
Posters speak of promises and dreams – an end to war
and oppression – and show that decade after decade,
people have organized, protested, and made art to move
the world towards justice.”

We hope you are moved, angered and informed by War & Peace. Thank you.

– Dik Cool, Publisher,SCW

Posters that include a price are in print and available at our Tools for Change store, 400 Lodi Street. These 20 posters are drawn from SCW’s archive of over 600 posters.

Framed posters are shipped in crates.

Shipping and insurance charges each way paid by renter. (We will provide estimate)

Rental is $400 for up to one month's use.

Wall cards with background for each poster/issue included.

Posters for which we still have inventory can be ordered for resale at a discount of 50% off the retail prices.

For more information, or to schedule this exhibit, please contact Kazmira, kazmira@syracuseculturalworkers.com 1.800.949.5139 ext. 23.