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Sisters Of Freedom


Sisters of Freedom: African American Women Moving Us Forward

An engaging and inspirational exhibit that provides a dramatic glimpse of the power and passion of 41 African American women who have transformed their lives, their culture and their country. From activists to performers and teachers to preachers, they represent some of the most indomitable figures from the 1800’s to the present. The exhibit is appropriate for ages 12+ and its accessibility makes it usable by a broad range of organizations and institutions including schools, community centers, museums, faith groups, universities and unions. “Sisters of Freedom” consists of six 4'x8' panels that accordion fold so they free stand. Lightweight and portable, it displays on six 6’ tables and can be set up in 30 minutes. Available now for sale or rental.

Download the Sisters of Freedom Guidebook here [pdf].


Sisters of Freedown


  • Lightweight & portable, sets up on tables, accordion-style in 30 minutes.
  • Six , 8' x 4' tri-fold panels for tabletop display (requires six, 6’ tables)
  • Includes informative Guidebook.


  • Full-size Version: $300 for the first week; $250/week thereafter. Plus shipping and insurance, both ways.
  • Small version 33" x 16.5": $150/week with significantly lower shipping costs.
  • Produced by Syracuse Cultural Workers SCW© 2012…Peace & Justice Publishers since 1982
  • Contact Mieko or call 800.949.5139 x 23


  • Only the smaller version (33" x 16.5") is available for purchase.  The cost is $1,000 and includes 10 Guidebooks and digital promotional flyer/ad. Plus one-way shipping and insurance. Purchase requires 45 day notice with 50% down payment.
  • A customized panel (32”x48”) can be created by SCW when you purchase the exhibit. We suggest profiling a maximum of three African American women in your area on this panel. Choosing the three women can be a community-building process. Cost: $500
  • We encourage larger-budget institutions to purchase Sisters of Freedom and make it widely and affordably available in your communities.
  • Contact or call 800.949.5139 x 17


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