FOR LOVE OF THE WORLD | Syracuse Cultural Workers


This is a portable exhibit of 30 dynamic posters - both current and archival - that have been published and distributed by the Syracuse Cultural Workers, the largest publisher of progressive posters in the United States.

The posters address a range of green themes with titles such as "Earth Friendly Agriculture", "Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live", "How to Go Organic", "White House Vegetable Garden", and "How to End Global Warming".

Included is a remarkable set of four posters, first published in 1984 by Al Kettler and again by SCW in 2010, addressing alternative energy: Water Power, Wind Power, Geothermal, Solar Energy.

The posters and several related cards are mounted on six 4x8' cardboard panels that accordion fold to free stand. Each 4x8' panel will sit on a 6' table that is 2' or more wide.

Accompanying the exhibit are six overstock posters which are for sale at $2 each, a savings of up to $12 per poster! These six posters are on panel #2. There are also clearance notecards (25¢ each) and postcards (10¢ each) for sale with the exhibit.


  • Exhibit is lightweight; very easy to put up and take down.
  • Exhibit folds to 3x4' for shipping
  • Six 6' tables for exhibit
  • Two 6' tables for six sale posters and cards (panel #2).
  • Posters are shipped flat in one box; cards and postcards in second box. These items are pre-boxed. You'll receive an inventory sheet, return unsold items, and pay for sold items.
  • Rental is $200 for use up to two weeks. Additional $150 for periods longer than two weeks. Fee must be paid in order to reserve exhibit.
  • Shipping and insurance charges each way are paid by renter.

Sale items:

  • 50% of rental fee is typically waived when posters, cards and postcards are sold with exhibit.
  • Non-clearance posters, notecards and postcards of exhibit posters can be ordered to sell during the exhibit at a 50% discount off retail price. Some posters in the exhibit are not available for sale.
  • For more information on the contents of the exhibit: Karen Kerney & 800.949.5139 x18
  • To schedule and make payment: Kazmira Pitzrick - & 800.949.5139 x23