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Our Shipping Department is Closed for our Annual Inventory.
New orders may not ship until July 5, 2017. Thanks for your understanding.

Help SCW

Stuff It

With ever-rising costs, SCW needs to reach out to new people creatively and inexpensively. Becoming a stuffer is one way you can help...

We’ll send you 25 or more of our attractive get-acquainted-with-SCW bookmarks (2x6) or postcards (4x6) and you simply stuff them into correspondence or bills or mailings of yours or your organization. Twenty-five, 100, 500 whatever you can use for a year (so we don’t send a lot of small quantities). The stuffers will encourage people to visit our website, get a catalog or call us.

Contact Marie x106 ( to sign up. Indicate quantity and when you’d like them sent. Thanks so much!

Stuff it

Call For Art

We accept art and photography submissions year-round. Please download our Art Call for specifications and deadlines for specific products, payment terms, etc.